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underwater HD ROV!

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It'll be like that scene in trainspotting, but with a robot. 

So this XKCD has been on the mind a lot!  I'm fast-tracking a submersible borgish ROV "cube" equipped with a Pan Tilt Zoom HD camera, and if all goes well, there will be full XYZ motion too!  The main system of propulsion is 8 bilge pumps.  I chose these as they are designed to work underwater, and can also do nifty things like filter the water.  Anything designed for heavy duty in a marine environment, should be good enough!  The drive system will be joystick controlled.  Though, if things go "too well," I might end up adding some cursory roving functions.  Hopefully this will debut for February "robot" nightlife at the academy of sciences, if only I can finish it! I'll update when/if it works, especially if it becomes more than a PVC brick :)
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