UP--San Francisco Urban Prototyping

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...not the cartoon.

UP, is a festival!  And somehow it reminds me of Singularity Sky, by Charles Stross--wherein an unstoppable, singularity driven group called "Festival" enact vast and unpredictable change(s) upon whole planets.  Anyhow, the brainstorming  session this past tuesday was certainly filled with willing, intoxicated participants, all eager to foment "something" upon the 5th street soma corridor.  Conversations included tunnel planetariums, chalk art walking zoetropes, smell exhibits, networked bathrooms, etc.  I like the idea of something solar, networked, array'd etc-- might put the hardware hat on.  We'll see what comes out of of the kitchen.

The Festival itself includes a makeathon, subsidized projects, as well as a weekend exposition!

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