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silicon valley robot block party 2014

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sunshine + robots!

Jon and I will be down south for the day--displaying a ruby programmed mini shaketable, which demonstrates the principles of our larger shake house exhibit at the academy.  The mini mars rover will also make an appearance.  Both of these units can be potentially programmed by students.  

"hard pressed..."

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photo by Liz Hafalia for the SF chronicle

Julian Guthrie wrote a very nice chronicle article about my role within the CAS avee department, and more specifically, my involvement in the snow machine automation.
Here's a PDF as well:  snow_article_tosh.pdf

Cycling '74 (creators of max/msp) asked for a bit more here, and here is the original imlichent post!
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artpad sf

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yup, their filling a hotel with art.

i just wanna hold your hand  will be holding down the lobby/bar thanks to gaffta!

Here's a link to the ijwhyh instructables!

EDIT:  video from opening night!

Robot Block Party 2013

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This rover made it's debut at 2013's Robot Block Party, and as of yet, has no official name.  It's being developed in conjunction with the CAS Department of Education, and CAS AVEE.  The rover, when complete, will be 100% open-source and open-hardware.  It will hopefully be available as a California Academy of Sciences classroom kit in the fall.

Students use the NES controller to input navigational commands.  After a transmission delay, the rover enacts the commands, then transmits atmospheric conditions to the controller.  In this manner, students can then plot out their environment and crunch some numbers.  For those of you that remember dos, its kinda like logo/turtle!

The rover prototype is made of a bare-bones construction, via arduino and xbee.  The controller is 3D printed and currently has some NES guts in it.  When complete, both the rover and controller will have open-source schematics & layout--stl files as well.  

here's some coverage and a photo by James Martin of cnet

Autodesk Design Night March 7th

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design_night.jpg Who wants to hold our hand!?
"I just wanna hold your hand" is the participatory light show!

"48 hours of holding hands!"

31 ideas, 80 people, 48 hours to design, build and code a project--only 5 to make the festival.  It culminated in a 5 minute presentation/demonstration within Intersection for the Arts.  Fortunately, project "i just wanna hold your hand" made it into october 20th festival!

It was an eye-opening weekend of talent and new possibilities.  And, a lot of hand holding!  More to come in the future...

Here's the project presentation and description by Ellen Keith, Yael Braha, Mark Roth, Tosh Chiang and Jasdeep Garcha

Conducting energy through people to stimulate tangible public interactions.

By interacting with one another people are able to transform their environment through play. Two metal hands are mounted to the wall. When two or more individuals complete the circuit they provoke audio-visual responses. The level of interactivity is determined by the flow of electricity through the individuals. The interaction can be tailored per installation; the core tool is the Arduino, and in this case we've experimented with Processing projections to activate blank city walls. storefronts, or pavement. This design allows for expansion as well as meaningful data collection. Also, we just like making people hold hands.

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UP--San Francisco Urban Prototyping

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...not the cartoon.

UP, is a festival!  And somehow it reminds me of Singularity Sky, by Charles Stross--wherein an unstoppable, singularity driven group called "Festival" enact vast and unpredictable change(s) upon whole planets.  Anyhow, the brainstorming  session this past tuesday was certainly filled with willing, intoxicated participants, all eager to foment "something" upon the 5th street soma corridor.  Conversations included tunnel planetariums, chalk art walking zoetropes, smell exhibits, networked bathrooms, etc.  I like the idea of something solar, networked, array'd etc-- might put the hardware hat on.  We'll see what comes out of of the kitchen.

The Festival itself includes a makeathon, subsidized projects, as well as a weekend exposition!

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