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"the hard way"

First off, if you ever need to install 20 Passive IR detection modules, with alarms, then don't do this.  The basic set-up is the zilog ePir, a SST relay, and a piezo buzzer.  The Zilog unit is awesome.  Aside from being a $12 dollar MCU with PIR and Fresnel lens, it also has a serial interface, left/right detection, and among other things, ready to go custom settings.  

Another thing about this project is that the components are less than $30, per unit, including the chassis.  When compared to the price of a commercial PIR, the price is quite nice.   The bad thing is they're labor intensive.

So why did i do this?  I've often worked with commercial PIR units and felt that they weren't suited to the needs of my projects.  In this manner, we were able to get the kind've detection results we wanted, in a very tunable way. 

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